of the secondary students in LA county are enrolled in the arts. The state average is 39%

If you’re in Los Angeles County and want to advocate for arts education you’ve come to the right place!

Here are some ways you can get involved:

The LA County Arts Education Collective is dedicated to making the arts core in public education. Established in 2002 by the LA County Board of Supervisors, the Arts Ed Collective is a partnership between the LA County Department of Arts and Culture (link LA County Dept of Arts and Culture to and the LA County Office of Education. To stay up to date on what’s happening in the arts education field in LA County, sign up for the Arts Ed Collective newsletter

Arts for LA is a voice for the arts in Greater Los Angeles that informs, engages, and mobilizes individuals and organizations to advocate for access to the arts across all communities; arts education for every student; robust investment in the arts; and inclusion of diverse and underrepresented voices. Arts for LA invests in leadership development, growing networks of civically engaged advocates; building deep relationships with elected officials; and working in partnership across sectors to make LA a vibrant, prosperous, creative, and healthy society.


To bring attention to arts education in LA County, check out and download our advocacy poster!

LA County is the creative capital of the world.

Here are a few reasons you should fight for arts education in LA County:

According to the 2019 Otis Report, LA County’s creative industries generate 864,958 jobs, $77.9 billion in labor income, and $207.8 billion in annual output. Of the 864,958 total jobs, 414,945 are workers directly employed in the creative industries and 450,013 are jobs indirectly generated by the industry. In total, both the direct employment generated by the County’s creative industries and the indirect employment they create through multiplier effects constitute 19.7% of LA County’s total employment.

LA County accounts for roughly 40% of all direct creative industry employment in California, and the county is home to roughly one in three of the jobs indirectly generated from the creative industries statewide. But only 40% of the students in LA County are enrolled in the arts.

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