of the secondary students in Marin County are enrolled in the arts! The state average is only 40%!
There is an Arts Now community in Marin County!

The Arts Now Communities program is a statewide network of regional, district, and county advocacy groups that receive strategic coaching, training, and communications support from the California Alliance for Arts Education. Each year, the Alliance hosts an Arts Now Leadership Institute, which gathers members of our Arts Now Communities from across the state to receive professional development, share their success stories and challenges, and help build a stronger statewide network.

If you’d like to get involved with the Marin Arts Now Community contact

Click here to find out more about the Arts Now Community Program.

Want to know more about how your school, disrict or county is doing? Explore the arts ed data project at It’s easy to navigate and you can view arts participation for secondary level by school, district, county and statewide.