Arts Education is a Student RightTAKE THE ARTS EDUCATION PLEDGE

By signing this pledge you are stating that you believe in and stand for the principles outlined in the declaration of student rights.

Declaration of Student Rights

    1. All students have the right to participate and succeed in high-quality courses in all the arts disciplines as part of their basic education, regardless of their background, culture, language or place of residence.
    2. All students have the same right to fully develop their creative potential at every grade level and to not be excluded for any reason.
    3. All students have the right to engage in arts education that reflects, respects and builds on their culture, language and background.
    4. All students have the right to receive the resources they need to be successful in their arts studies in dance, music, theatre, and media and visual arts, including the right supplies and facilities and specially qualified teachers and curriculum that honors all cultures and languages.
    5. All students have the right to be supported by leaders in their community and school who understand the benefits of an arts education to prepare them for college, career and life.
    6. All students have the right to learn and practice the arts in a positive environment where everyone understands and acts on the knowledge that they are engaging in valuable and important work.

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Yes, I am standing up for arts education!

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01234567890xless likely to drop out of school
01234567890xmore likely to be recognized for academic achievement
01234567890xmore likely to receive a bachelor degree
0123456789001234567890%more inclined to pursue a professional career