This is where we’ll keep all the open-source tools you need to be part of the movement for arts education. Take some time to explore it all, we think you’ll find what you’re looking for. We’ve created posters, flyers, how-to’s, and toolkits for you to use.


California Arts ED Data Project

Get to know your data by expoloring the California Arts Ed Data project. It can tell you exactly how many and which art classes are offered at your county, district or school.

Social Media Toolkits

Monthly downloadable art to share on your social platforms! We create a monthly social media toolkit with posts for you to use on your channels. Sign up for our emails to get this sent to you and download previous toolkits from our archive!

Social Media Templates

We've made posting to social easier than ever with our open source templates. Follow our how-to guide to get started on your own posts. Don't forget to tag us!

Advocacy Poster

Co-developed with our partners at the California Alliance for Arts Education, this poster is meant to be used for either large advocacy gatherings (fill in the blank on the front and hold your sign up!) and one-on-one meetings (flip it around and use the back to talk through important information). Take Action: Capture a video or photo of yourself filling it out and holding it up, post it and tag us!

School Leader Flyer

A step-by-step data-driven guide to help you support the creation of a strategic arts plan. Print this out and share it with your principal, school board members and superintendent.

Student Pathways Flyer

Clear examples of successful arts education pathways that lead to multi-disciplinary and multi-industry careers. Print this out and share it with students, teachers, principals, school board members, and superintendents.

Partner Toolkit

Download the partner toolkit for campaign artwork, brand guidelines, presentation templates, our FAQ and more!

Interactive Map

Get connected to local advocacy efforts by checking for an Arts Now Community in your county! The Arts Now Communities program is a statewide network of regional, district, and county advocacy groups that receive strategic coaching, training, and communications support from the California Alliance for Arts Education. If your county doesn't have an Arts Now Community, we'll put you in touch with the right people to get one started.

Art Posters

One of the simplest ways to let people know that you are advocating for arts education is by putting up a poster! Maybe it’s in your classroom, at an event, or distributing copies to other supporters. Download our posters and show your support!


One of the easiest ways to support what we’re doing is by following us across the different channels and reposting content that is in line with your work. We’ll do the same!